This is DataHobo – an approach to applying – not doing – data science for those of us who aren’t trained statisticians or computer engineers.

The fundamental principles of analysis stay the same, no matter the context, industry, or medium. The landscape of reporting tools and tactics changes rapidly, which means that there’s always a new way to do things – but they’re still the same things.

While the techniques come from different areas (which is exactly what we’ll do), each of them is based on sound marketing and decision-making principles.

I believe that data is data, no matter where it comes from, so we will cover a lot of ground:

  • Web and Mobile Analytics (owned media)
  • Social Networks (shared media)
  • Online Advertising and Email (paid media)
  • Customer analysis

Want to learn about me? You can read more about my experience with predictive modeling, data science, market research, web analytics, social media, and corporate databases on LinkedIn.

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